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Tuesday, October 27

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Cisco – This won’t hurt a bit… Best practices for TDD Ansible and OpenStack deployment WakakshibaJohn Dewey • David Lapsley Extending OpenStack Swift with S3 and CDMI Interfaces Sakura N-1 and N-2Mark Carlson Paradigm Shift - Leveraging Private Cloud to Encourage Scale and Resiliency at the App Layer KougyokuSri Basam • Rick Melick • Andrew Mitry Get OpenStack to speak your language - OpenStack I18n Team Introduction SeigyokuYing Chun Guo • Carlos Munoz • KATO Tomoyuki A New Network Packet Logging Mechanism for Security-group and FWaaS - The Admin and Tenant Users Will be Able to Audit Their Network Activity HakugyokuYushiro Furukawa エンタープライズ適用に向けた、ネットワークログ採取の課題と取組み Hakugyoku古川 勇志郎 OpenStack Neutron: A Stadium in the Big Tent KyokkoMark McClain • Kyle Mestery Deep Dive into Keystone Tokens and Lessons Learned AobaPriti Desai • Brad Pokorny A Day in the Life of an Openstack & Cloud Architect WakabaVijay Chebolu • Vinny Valdez Unlocking OpenStack for Service Providers OgyokuOmar Lara • Arturo Suarez Cisco - User Journey: Migrating Enterprise Applications to OpenStack Tempyo (New Takanawa)Stephen Pierce NEC- OpenStack as Infrastructure of Telco NFV Heian (New Takanawa)Gerald Kunzmann • Ryota Mibu Red Hat - OpenStack's Success With NFV in the Telecommunications Industry (Customer Panel) OuteiMichael Bagg • Darrell Jordan-Smith • Ruixin Lyu • Fernando (Fred) Oliveira Building web-applications using OpenStack Swift Gyoko OpenStack at NTT Resonant: Lessons Learned in Web Infrastructure MatsubaTomoya Hashimoto • Toshikazu Ichikawa • Kazuhiro Tooriyama RSVP Required: Neutron Network Know-How: A Hands-On Workshop for Solving Neutron Nightmares ZuikoLIMITEDMatt Dorn • Phil Hopkins • Byron McCollum • John McKenzie

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OpenStack NFV Orchestration Using Tacker Sakura N-1 and N-2Sridhar Ramaswamy Manila and Sahara: Crossing the Desert to the Big Data Oasis KougyokuJeff Applewhite • Weiting Chen • Ethan Gafford Contributing as an OpenStack User SeigyokuRochelle Grober • Megan Rossetti • Shamail Tahir Sharing How to Deploy Multi-hypervisor Environments and Issues. HakugyokuSeiji Aguchi • Takashi Tameshige マルチハイパバイザ環境の実現に向けた構築ノウハウと課題の共有 HakugyokuTakashi Tameshige • 阿口誠司 OVN: Feature Complete and Ready to Test KyokkoRussell Bryant • Kyle Mestery • Justin Pettit • Ben Pfaff RabbitMQ Operations for OpenStack AobaMichael Klishin Lessons from Rule the Stack - Rapid OpenStack Provisioning WakabaPeter Chadwick • Michael Kadera • Dirk Müller • Adam Spiers Building a Scalable Federated Hybrid Cloud OgyokuPere Monclus • Sunny Rajagopalan Cisco- Bringing Enterprise Grade OpenStack Clouds Online Faster Tempyo (New Takanawa)Mike Cohen • Karthik Prabhakar • Balaji Sivasubramanian CTC (ITOCHU Techno-Solutions) - Japan's OpenStack Market Potential:How to be Successful in the Cloud - 日本のOpenStack市場の状況と、成功のためのアプローチ OuteiHiroshi Koiwai • Francesco Paola NEC- Cloudifying Virtualized Customer Premises Equipment: The Next Step Towards Operationalization Heian (New Takanawa)Mark Bieberich Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) Drives and Swift Object Storage GyokoCarlos Cavanna • John Dickinson • Hamdi Roumani Know-how of Challlenging Deploy/Operation NTT Docomo's Mail Cloud System Powered by OpenStack Swift MatsubaSosuke Kakehi • Ryosei Kasai • Masaaki Nakagawa

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HP – NFV/OpenStack lessons learned with EMEA telcos WakakshibaEric LAJOIE • Christian Schutz OpenStackClient and OpenStack Python SDK KougyokuDean Troyer Kubernetes/Google Container Engine Overview Sakura S-1 and S-2Kiyoshi Fukuda Proud to be a Noob: How to Make the Most of Your First OpenStack Summit SeigyokuNiki Acosta • Matt Fischer • Shilla Saebi • Heidi Joy Tretheway What Should I Know About? Kyokko Monitoring system for OpenStack, using a OSS products. HakugyokuSatsuki Fukazu OSSで作るOpenStackの監視システム Hakugyoku深津颯騎 Running an OpenStack Cloud for Several Years and Living to Tell the Tale AobaAlexandre Maumené • Gaetan Trellu After One year of OpenStack Cloud Operation (NTT DOCOMO) WakabaKen Igarashi • Asako Ishigaki • Akihiro Motoki Empower Your Cloud Through Neutron Service Function Chaining OgyokuPaul Carver • Ralf Trezeciak • Cathy Zhang Cisco - Panel Discussion on Real World Solutions for Network Function Virtualization Tempyo (New Takanawa)Lew Mirantis- OpenStack 7.0 vs. RHEL OSP7 OuteiBruce Mathews • Joseph Yep NEC- OpenStack 'Traps' of Developments and Use-Cases (Lightning Talks) Heian (New Takanawa)Yuji Azama • Masayuki Igawa • Ghanshyam Mann • Hidekazu Nakamura • Motohiro Otsuka • Yuiko Takada • Haiwei Xu Boosting the Power of Swift Using Metadata Search GyokoNilesh Bhosale • Dean Hildebrand • Eran Rom The Evolution of OpenStack Dev/Test Environment Setup at eBay MatsubaHuai Jiang Telco Working Group Sakura N-1 and N-2Steve Gordon RSVP Required: Openstack Manila Hands-on Lab Session ZuikoLIMITEDAmol Chobe • Sudhir Kethamakka

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OpenStack and NFV Sakura N-1 and N-2Iben Rodriguez Building Applications With Swift: Developer On-Ramp KougyokuClay Gerrard • Doug Soltesz Storing State in Ephemeral Containers Sakura S-1 and S-2Ian Lewis Let's Talk About the Diversity of Our Community SeigyokuKavit Munshi • Egle Sigler • Imad Sousou The Containers Ecosystem, the OpenStack Magnum Project, the Open Container Initiative, and You! KyokkoJeff Borek • Megan Kostick • Daniel Krook Is OpenStack's Future Still in the Cloud? ZuikoKenneth Hui • Matthew Joyce • Jesse Proudman 40Gbit Ethernet Networkを利用した Open-Source Hyper-Converged OpenStack への取り組み Hakugyoku北島佑樹 • 熊谷育朗 Approaching Open-Source Hyper-Converged OpenStack using 40Gbit Ethernet Network HakugyokuKumagai Ikuo • Yuki Kitajima Neutron and BGP Dynamic Routing HokushinVikram Choudhary • Jaume Devesa • Ryan Tidwell Automated OpenStack Deployment: A Comparison WakabaFlorian Haas Managing Multi-hypervisor OpenStack Cloud with Single Virtual Network OgyokuDhiraj Sehgal Intel- Match making: NFV and OpenStack Interfaces and Information Models Tempyo (New Takanawa)Uri Elzer • Toby Ford • Adrian Hoban • Chris Wright NEC- OpenStack as a Resource-disaggregated Platform Controller Heian (New Takanawa)Shinji Abe • KaiGai Kohei • Masahiko Takahashi VMware- Yahoo Japan and VMware present : What you need to know about OpenStack + VMware OuteiArvind Soni Swift 101: Technology and Architecture for Beginners GyokoAlbert Chen • Adam Takvam Challenge and Learnings of Running OpenStack Bare Metal at Yahoo MatsubaSimon Chung

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Effective IoT system on OpenStack KougyokuTakashi Kajinami • Hiroshi Miura Connecting the Dots with Neutron: Unifying Network Virtualization Between Containers and VMs KyokkoMohammad Banikazemi • Phil Estes Data Processing is Made of People: A Case Study in Role-Empathic API Design in Sahara SeigyokuEthan Gafford Requirements for Providing Telecom Services on OpenStack-based Infrastructure HakugyokuAi Kaku • Shigeaki Kimura • Takeshi Nakajima • Nobuyuki 通信事業者観点からOpenStackベースのサーバ基盤に求める技術的要件について Hakugyoku玉置 伸行 • 中島 健 • 木村 成彰 • 郭 藍 Deploying and Operating an IPv6-Only Openstack Cloud HokushinSean Collins • Brian Haley Deploying the World's Largest Private OpenStack Cloud With Multi-Cell Supportkanda- Tying the room together with Akanda AobaKalin Nikolov • Anand Palanisamy Reliable Openstack - Designing for Availability and Enterprise Readiness WakabaCHAITANYA BVK • Ajay Gulati Is DefCore Picking OpenStack Winners and Losers? Answers in Interop 101 OgyokuRob Hirschfeld • Egle Sigler Fujitsu- Introduction of Fujitsu's OpenStack Approach OuteiShigehiro Yoshikawa Intel- Cloud for All: Rapid deployment of OpenStack Clouds Tempyo (New Takanawa)Nick Barcet • Vish Nadkarni • Jim Sangster NEC and NTT DOCOMO- What are operators doing behind the Cloud ? Heian (New Takanawa)Ken Igarashi • Jun Ishii • Takashi Torii The Comparison of Ceph and Commercial Server SAN GyokoYuting Wu Public Cloud Meeting High Security Standards Based on Openstack MatsubaKim Hindart • Tobias Rydberg Translation Tool Support: What Do We Need to Improve? Sakura N-1 and N-2Elizabeth Joseph RSVP Required: OpenStack Trove -- Hands on the OpenStack Database Service ZuikoLIMITEDShayne Burgess • Amrith Kumar • Nikhil Manchanda • Doug Shelley • Max Verun • Craig Vyvial

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OpenStack + POWER – It’s a new ecosystem for OpenStack Compute WakakshibaAdam Reznechek The Real Slim Shade KougyokuMonty Taylor Containers Are Hot, but How Do They Network? Moderated by Eric Hanselman, 451 Research KyokkoMike Cohen • Dan Mihai Dumitriu • Eric Hanselman • Daneyon Hansen • Christopher Liljenstolpe • Scott Sneddon External Plugin Interfaces for OpenStack QA Projects SeigyokuAndrea Frittoli • Matthew Treinish OpenStack in Japan: Where We Are Today, and Where We Are Going Tomorrow? HakugyokuMakoto Hasegawa • Izumi Miki • Atsushi Ono 日本でのOpenStack、企業の導入状況と今後の活用予測 Hakugyoku三木 泉 • 小野 篤司 • 長谷川 誠 Extensible Neutron Service Function Chaining - Here It Comes HokushinSwaminathan Vasudevan • Stephen Wong • Cathy Zhang Openstack Native QoS as a Services Framework: Design and Operational Practice AobaLiping Mao • Simon Tu • Ian Zhang • Accela Zhao Designing the Hardware Stack for Your OpenStack Cloud WakabaSteve Collins • Jay Hendrickson Hybrid Cloud - A Different Approach to Managing Multiple Clouds in a Single Pane OgyokuEshed Gal-Or Dell- The Journey to Enterprise OuteiNick Barcet • Randy Perryman Intel- Cloud for All: OpenStack Innovation Center Tempyo (New Takanawa)Ruchi Bhargava • David L Brown • Darrin Hanson NEC- Converged System Solution Based on OpenStack and Ceph Heian (New Takanawa)Atsushi Tsuji • Satoshi Yamakawa A Conversation With Cinder Developers GyokoJay Bryant • Patrick East • John Griffith • Zhiteng Huang • Sean McGinnis • Mike Perez • Xing Yang Unveiling CERN Cloud Architecture MatsubaBelmiro Moreira Translation and Development: How Do They Work Together? Sakura N-1 and N-2Ying Chun Guo

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