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Wednesday, October 28

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NFV Apps on Openstack WakakshibaAkhila Chetlapalle OpenStack Engineering Metrics Sakura N-1 and N-2Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona • Daniel Izquierdo Could You Please Pass Me the PaaS? KougyokuMiguel Zuniga A VC Take on OpenStack Growth and Opportunity Across Asia SeigyokuHiroshi Baba • Dan Mihai Dumitriu • Takuo Inoue • Nobutake Suzuki Wrangling Ceph for 1000 Days Sakura S-1 and S-2Michael Barnett • James Page The Media Talks Back to OpenStack OgyokuKen Pepple • Matthew Cheung • Sean Michael Kerner • Frederic Lardinois • Izumi Miki • Agatha Poon Making OpenStack Work in an Existing Environment - Challenges and Solutions GyokoPushkar Acharya • Kenneth Hui • Amrish Kapoor • Roopak Parikh IBM- OpenStack for Beginners (Putting OpenStack to Work for your Business) Heian (New Takanawa)Jesse Proudman QoS - A Neutron n00bie KyokkoIrena Berezovsky • Livnat Peer • David Slama OpenStack Operations: Resource Management and Capacity Planning at Comcast AobaRichard Heil • Shilla Saebi • James Saint-Rossy Tapping into OpenStack's Notification System HakugyokuDeep Bhattacharjee • Kiran Bondalapati Delivering Hybrid Bare-metal and Virtual Infrastructure Using Ironic and OpenStack WakabaBoris Deschenes inwinSTACK- Heat Up Your Stack: Deep Dive to Heat, Learn How to Orchestrate Your Cloud OuteiRico Lin NTT Communications - Automate Deployment & Benchmark for Your OpenStack With Chef, Cobbler and Rally Tempyo (New Takanawa)Takeaki Matsumoto • Yuki Nishiwaki • Mahito Ogura Can We Really Make an Operating System for Data Center as a Warehouse-scale Computer? The T-RON Operating System With OpenStack MatsubaJaesuk Ahn • Taeil Choi • Jincheol Kim RSVP Required: Congress Hands On LabLIMITED ZuikoTim Hinrichs • Eric Kao

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Troubleshooting RabbitMQ and Its Stability Improvement WakakshibaZhen Qin The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of the OpenStack APIs: An Application Developer's View KougyokuPraveen Yalagandula Data Lake on OpenStack - Petabyte Scale! OgyokuYuriy Brodskiy • David T. Lin The OpenStack Orchestra: The Next Wave of OpenStack Specialist Startups SeigyokuJoe Arnold • Amrith Kumar • Pere Monclus • Evan Powell • Boris Renski Walk Through a Software Defined Everything PoC Sakura S-1 and S-2Chris Janiszewski • Cynthia Thomas Architectures for Successful OpenStack Cloud Deployment GyokoAnand Palanisamy IBM- It’s getting HOT in here: Turning up the HEAT with IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps Heian (New Takanawa)Michael Elder • Tyson Lawrie • Tim Pouyer Optimizing and Extending Overlay Networking for Containers KyokkoMohammad Banikazemi • Ton Ngo • Baohua Yang Building an Operations Team From The Ground Up in an OpenStack Enterprise Production Environment at Comcast AobaMegan Rossetti • Shilla Saebi Liberty or Death: Horizon Dashboard Plugin Deep Dive HakugyokuShaoquan Chen • Cindy Lu • David Lyle • Thai Tran Huawei - OpenStack Enabled Hybrid Cloud OuteiDennis Gu NTT Communications - Enhancement on OpenStack Networking for Carrier Cloud Platform Tempyo (New Takanawa)Jun Makishi A Cloud Architect's Toolkit : What to Expect When Taking OpenStack From Zero to Production in a Fortune-500 MatsubaJoseph Sandoval • Amit Tank DefCore: OpenStack Interop working session Sakura N-1 and N-2Rob Hirschfeld • Egle Sigler

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CloudKitty an Open Source Rating and Chargeback Component for OpenStack AobaStéphane Albert • Christophe Sauthier Managing Microservices at Scale With OpenStack + Docker - Your Ideal Environment for DevOps OgyokuNikhil Vaze Using Terraform With OpenStack KougyokuJoe Topjian Ceph Community Talk on High-Performance Solid State Ceph Sakura S-1 and S-2Reddy Chagam • Gunna Marripudi • Allen Samuels • Warren Wang The Stack and Beyond: Analysis Paralysis GyokoNiki Acosta • Andre Bearfield • Jeramiah Dooley • Shamail Tahir IBM- Hot topics with IBM: Federation and Containers Heian (New Takanawa)Phil Estes • Steve Martinelli • Jason McGee • Brad Topol Clusters, Routers, Agents and Networks: High Availability in Neutron KyokkoFlorian Haas • Assaf Muller • Adam Spiers What's Cooking? Deployment Using the OpenStack Chef Cookbooks SeigyokuJJ Asghar • Mark Vanderwiel Cleversafe - KDDI and Cleversafe present: web-scale Storage for a Data-Driven World OuteiTakeshi Maehara • John Morris NTT Communications - OpenStack x Enterprise: Formula for Developing OpenStack-Based Cloud for Enterprise Tempyo (New Takanawa)Hideki Kurihara 3 Telcos' Journeys to OpenStack: The Good, the Bad, and the Hopeful WakabaAnni Lai Building a Private Cloud to Efficiently Handle 40 Billion Requests / Day MatsubaPierre Gohon • Pierre GRANDIN DefCore: OpenStack Interop working session Sakura N-1 and N-2Rob Hirschfeld • Egle Sigler RSVP Required: Hands-On Lab: Install and Configure OpenStack OctaviaLIMITED ZuikoSusanne Balle • German Eichberger • Carlos Garza • Adam Harwell • Michael Johnson • Al Miller • Phillip Toohill • Trevor Vardeman

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OpenContrail - Best Practices Sakura N-1 and N-2Aniket Daptari • Pratik Roychowdhury Securing the Fortress With Barbican at Symantec KougyokuJason Fritcher New Ceph Configurations - High Performance Without High Costs Sakura S-1 and S-2Allen Samuels Tenant Network Isolation for Bare Metal Deployments With Neutron OgyokuSukhdev Kapur • Jim Rollenhagen • Devananda Van Der Veen Building Clouds for the Financial Industry: Challenges and Solutions WakabaXue Ke • Yaguang Tang • Ting Zou Ironic and Cinder Integration GyokoSatoru Moriya IBM- Case Study: Key Information Systems going above and beyond cloud demands with OpenStack and IBM Power Systems Heian (New Takanawa)Ann Funai • Clayton Weise DNSaaS For Your Cloud - OpenStack Designate HokushinGraham Hayes • Eric Larson • Tim Simmons How To Write a Neutron Plugin, If You Really Need To (Neutron Stadium Edition) KyokkoSalvatore Orlando Zen and the Art of OpenStack Fleet Management AobaBenjamin Burdick • Joel Preas Sizing your OpenStack Cloud SeigyokuVictor Estival • Arturo Suarez This is Sparkhara: OpenStack Log Processing in Real-time Using Spark on Sahara Expo Hall (Marketplace Theater)Nikita Konovalov • Michael McCune • Chad Roberts EMC- Orchestrate ALL the (Storage) Things: OpenStack Data Availability With CoprHD Tempyo (New Takanawa)Reddy Chagam • Urayoan Irizarry • Anand Paladugu Yahoo! Japan Builds an OpenStack Enterprise Storage Architecture for Japan's Largest Internet Portal OuteiAKIHIRO KATANO • Daisuke Masaki How Amadeus Data Processing is Using OpenStack to Build Global Travel Applications for Millions of Users MatsubaYves Fauser • Udo Seidel User Group & OpenStack Day Events Branding HakugyokuTom Fifield • Heidi Joy Tretheway

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Secure Your OpenStack Infrastructure KougyokuRick Kundiger • Pere Monclus Transforming the Ceph Integration Tests With OpenStack Sakura S-1 and S-2Loïc Dachary The Evolution of Glance API: On the Way From v1 to v3 AobaBrian Rosmaita • Alexander Tivelkov OpenStack Magnum - Containers-as-a-Service KyokkoAdrian Otto Windows in OpenStack WakabaAlessandro Pilotti • Peter Pouliot IBM- Enterprise Journey to OpenStack Adoption: Real World Stories Heian (New Takanawa)Atsushi Koga • Markus Winter • Nate Ziemann How OpenStack is implemented at GMO Public Cloud service offering OuteiNaoto Gohko • Hironobu Saitoh Comparison of Swift and Ceph as Object Storage Systems SeigyokuMingyu Li Introducing OpenStack Searchlight - Search Your Cloud at the Speed of Light! Expo Hall (Marketplace Theater)Steven McLellan • Lakshmi Sampath • Travis Tripp Lessons Learned Using BOSH and OpenStack APIs to Deploy Large Distributed Systems OgyokuMichael Maximilien • Zhou Xing • Hua Zhang EMC - Operating at Web-scale: Will Containers Crush the OpenStack Ecosystem? Tempyo (New Takanawa)Joshua Bernstein • Randy Bias • Lachlan Evenson • Amit Tank The State of Ceph, Manila, and Containers in OpenStack GyokoSage NFV Apps on Openstack HakugyokuAkhila Chetlapalle OpenStack Consumption Models: Three User Perspectives MatsubaNiki Acosta • Subbu Allamaraju • Edgar Magana • Gerd Prüßmann RSVP Required: Getting Started With OpenStack, Hands-On LabLIMITED ZuikoKenneth Hui • Dan Radez API Working Group Liberty Cycle Roundup Sakura N-1 and N-2Michael McCune • Jay Pipes

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User story – CarrierGrade OpenStack for Telcos WakakshibaSudhindra Subbarao OpenStack Federation: Past, Present, and Future (Panel) KougyokuMarek Dennis • Steve Martinelli • Douglas Mendizábal • Joe Savak • Brad Topol • Klaas Wierenga Ceph Drive: Low Fail, Go Scale! Sakura S-1 and S-2Abhijeet Gole • Philip Kufeldt Taking the OpenStack Community in China to New Heights! Seigyokumaggie liang • Lu Ye • Zhen Zhuang HPC on OpenStack Use Cases AobaGlyn Bowden • Eric LAJOIE Monitoring Docker Container and Dockerized Applications KyokkoMeenakshi Sundaram Lakshmanan • CB Anantha Padmanabhan • Satya Routray • Rahul Krishna Upadhyaya The Cloud-enabled DBA of the 21st Century OuteiAlex Tomic IBM- Gazing into the Crystal Ball, market insights and futures with IBM Heian (New Takanawa)Angel Diaz • Moe Abdula • Jesse Proudman • Monty Taylor Hierarchical Port Binding in Practice: Experiences With At-Scale Production HokushinNolan Leake • Mark McClain Ceilometer+Monasca=Ceilosca Expo Hall (Marketplace Theater)Dan Dyer • Fabio Giannetti • Roland Hochmuth • Srinivas Sakhamuri Software Factory: Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery(CI/CD) on OpenStack OgyokuFabien Boucher • Matthieu Huin EMC- Cloud Storage in Your Datacenter: Geo-scale SWIFT, S3 and More for Exabytes of Multi-tenant, Hadoop Ready Data. Tempyo (New Takanawa)Akram Hassan Storage Vendors are Killing Cinder GyokoCory Stone Revolutionizing IT and Telecom Industry With OpenStack, SDN and NFV HakugyokuValentina Alaria • Rimma Iontel Kirin User Story: Migrating Mission Critical Applications to OpenStack Private Cloud. MatsubaMotoki Kakinuma • Atsushi Koga

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