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Thursday, October 29

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Hybrid cloud storage management with CoprHD Sakura S-1 and S-2Urayoan Irizarry Object Drive Integration With Swift Sakura N-1 and N-2Mark Carlson Make Keystone The Center Of Universe - How eBay Uses it in Multi-security Zones KougyokuSubbu Allamaraju • Xiaogang Xin Ambassador Community Report SeigyokuChristian Berendt • Marcelo Dieder • Tom Fifield • Erwan Gallen • Akihiro Hasegawa • Kenneth Hui • Marton Kiss • Kavit Munshi • Lu Ye • Akira Yoshiyama SaaS Experience: Building OpenStack on OpenStack CI With SDN and Containers KyokkoImtiaz Chowdhury • Edgar Magana Get Your Instance by Name: Integration of Nova, Neutron, and Designate HokushinCarl Baldwin • Kiall Mac Innes • Miguel Lavalle XenSecurity Advisories are Full of VENOM - How to Reboot 'The Cloud' AobaBenjamin Burdick • Michael Porras • Joel Preas Fluentd vs. Logstash for OpenStack Log Management Expo Hall (Marketplace Theater)Masaki Matsushita • Mahito Ogura OpenVSwitch: Where Are We Today? WakabaSean Lynn • David Medberry Storlets: Making Swift More Software Defined Than Ever OgyokuPaul Luse • Eran Rom • Hamdi Roumani Canonical - OpenStack for Everybody Heian (New Takanawa)Mark Shuttleworth HP- High Performance Networking for Running Data Plane Intensive Carrier Workloads Tempyo (New Takanawa)Tariq Khan • Arun Thulasi Driving Cloudlet into Openstack HakugyokuPrakash Ramchandran • Mahadev Satyanarayanan • Rolf Schuster NTT's Journey With OpenStack MatsubaShintaro Mizuno • Takashi Natsume RSVP Required: Designate: Interactive Workshop - Install and Operate, Hands-On LabLIMITED ZuikoGraham Hayes • Eric Larson • Tim Simmons Marketplace Open to Attendees Marketplace Expo Hall

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Container and Cloud Security Using Openstack Sakura N-1 and N-2Abhishek Gupta • Ravi Varanasi Enhancing OpenStack FWaaS to Address Real World Business Needs KougyokuChandan Dutta Chowdhury • Sarath Chandra Mekala • Sriram Subramanian Exploring Magnum and Senlin Integration for Autoscaling Containers KyokkoHongbin Lu • Ton Ngo • Julio Ruano • Qiming Teng 99.999% Available OpenStack Cloud - A Builder's Guide OuteiDanny Al-Gaaf Working With Upstream OpenStack Deadlines and Internal Deadlines SeigyokuJohn Garbutt I Can't Ping My VM! Learn How to Debug Neutron and Solve Common Problems HokushinRossella Sblendido It's Golden: Best Practice Cloud Operating System Images AobaLuke Heidecke Extending OpenStack Heat to Orchestrate Security Policies and Network Function Service Chains Expo Hall (Marketplace Theater)Stephane Capelle • Aniket Daptari • Michel Glisse Chef vs. Puppet vs. Ansible vs. Salt - What's Best for Deploying and Managing OpenStack? WakabaPaul Czarkowski • Daniel Krook • Animesh Singh MidoNet 101 - Open Source Distributed Overlay Networking for Neutron OgyokuAdam Johnson Canonical- Pure-container OpenStack Heian (New Takanawa)James Page HP- OpenStack for Multiple Micro-Sites Connected by a WAN for vCPE Tempyo (New Takanawa)Tariq Khan • Arun Thulasi Swift Erasure Code Performance vs Replication: Analysis and Recommendations GyokoJohn Dickinson • Paul Luse Telco Industry Made Agile With NFV HakugyokuToby Ford • Jason Hunt • Thomas Spatzier Huawei Public Cloud : Building a Large Scale Public Cloud on OpenStack MatsubaAnni Lai Analyst Relations Working Group Sakura S-1 and S-2Robert Cathey • Heidi Joy Tretheway

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Open source approach to secure multi-tenancy via OpenStack in VMware clusters WakakshibaAniket Daptari Sentinel: A Platform for Fine-grained Application Security on OpenStack KougyokuDr. Sudheendra Murthy Ansible Collaboration Day: Ansible + OpenStack — State of the Universe Sakura S-1 and S-2Robyn Bergeron • Mark McLoughlin Herding Cats Into Boxes: How OpenStack Release Management Changes With the Big Tent SeigyokuThierry Carrez • Doug Hellmann Ironic Towards Truly Open and Reliable, Eventually for Mission Critical OgyokuNaohiro Tamura Why Reinvent the Wheel? ­ Using Murano, Heat, Container Clustering and Ceilometer to Provide Auto-­scaling and Enforce Self­Healing Best Practices in Applications KyokkoBruce Mathews • Serg Melikyan Disaster Recovery Your Cloud: One More Choice Than Volume Replication OuteiEran Gampel • wang hao Duct-tape, Bubblegum, and Bailing Wire: 12 Steps in Operating OpenStack AobaMike Dorman • Matt Fischer • Kris Lindgren • Eric Peterson OpenStack Training Labs Expo Hall (Marketplace Theater)Roger Luethi • Sayali Lunkad • Pranav Salunke Looking Beyond Horizon, Data Visualization of OpenStack Clouds Using D3.js WakabaAlex Jacobs • John Stanford Canonical- Scalable OpenStack Reference Architecture Heian (New Takanawa)Adam Collard HP- Carrier-Grade Solution for Dynamic Service Function Chaining Using OpenDaylight Tempyo (New Takanawa)Shlomi Alfasi OpenStack Practice @ Intel IT: Let's Accelerate the Design Process of Smart Devices Matsubalitrin Jiang • Chen Meng • Eli Qiao • Feng Shaohe • lin tan Summit Tools & Processes Feedback Sakura N-1 and N-2 RSVP Required: Deploying and Operating Your OpenStack Cloud with OSAD, Hands-On LabLIMITED ZuikoWalter Bentley

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Real World DevOps Experience and Demo Delivering a Trusted and Secure OpenStack Cloud KougyokuShawn Mullen • Michael Perng • Elvin Tubillara • Raghu Yeluri Ansible Collaboration Day: Deployments & Upgrades Sakura S-1 and S-2Robyn Bergeron Overcoming Subtle Bias - Presented by the Women of OpenStack SeigyokuNitin Agarwal • Beth Cohen • Courtney Ferry • Alex Lemberg • Karin Levenstein • Jessica Murillo OpenStack Nova Project Update OgyokuJohn Garbutt Decomposing Lithium's Monolith With Kubernetes and OpenStack KyokkoLachlan Evenson Turning Pets Into Cattle: A Demonstration to Provoke Discussion OuteiYih Leong Sun • Stephen Walli Configuring Swift Using Puppet-swift: Considerations and Examples. AobaAdam Vinsh 'Service Sentinel' - Mobile Application Envisioned to Manage OpenStack Related Services on the Go Expo Hall (Marketplace Theater)Partha Datta • Swati Sharma An Overview on Zaqar's Persistent Transport Implementation WakabaVictoria Martinez de la Cruz • Cindy Pallares-Quezada Canonical- Hybrid Cloud Benchmarking and Ops on AWS, Azure and OpenStack Heian (New Takanawa)Marco Ceppi HP- Competitive Advantage Using OpenStack Technology to Drive Enterprise Cloud Innovation (An OpenStack Customer Panel) Tempyo (New Takanawa)Tim Lebel • Lisa-Marie Namphy Efficient Image Management Using Cinder Volumes for Virtual and Baremetal Machines GyokoTomoki Sekiyama • Mitsuhiro Tanino NFV Orchestration - Going Beyond Virtualization HakugyokuSudhir Kethamakka • Harshad Tanna Hadoop on OpenStack: Scaling Hadoop-SwiftFS for Big Data MatsubaAndrew Leamon • Chris Power User Survey Working Group Sakura N-1 and N-2Subbu Allamaraju • Tim Bell • Jonathan Proulx

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Leveraging Plug-ins beyond just drivers, to enable Automation for your OpenStack Cloud WakakshibaJeff Thomas OpenStack Neutron FWaaS Roadmap KougyokuSusanne Balle • German Eichberger • Vishwanath Jayaraman • Sridar Kandaswamy • Sameer Satyam Linux Kernel Hackathon- IO Visor and Networking: Use Cases and Applications Sakura S-1 and S-2 OpenStack Trivia SeigyokuDavid Medberry Debugging the Virtualization Layer (libvirt and QEMU) in OpenStack OgyokuKashyap Chamarthy In a World of Ephemeral Containers, How Do We Keep Track of Things? KyokkoIan Lewis Korejanai Story: How To Integrate OpenStack Into Your Business Strategy OuteiKensuke Ishizu • Kentaro Takeda Performance Improvements to the Neutron Management and Control Plane APIs HokushinKevin Benton • Brian Haley • Rossella Sblendido Congrats You Stood up an OpenStack Environment, But Now They Want You to Monitor It. Introducing Using Monasca for Production OpenStack Monitoring AobaRoland Hochmuth • Matt Young Ceph and OpenStack: Current Integration and Roadmap WakabaJosh Durgin • Sébastien Han Canonical - Amazing Operations 201: In Place Upgrades of OpenStack With Running Workloads Heian (New Takanawa)Billy Olsen VMware- Deploying VMware NSX with OpenStack Tempyo (New Takanawa)Scott Lowe Block Storage Replication With Cinder GyokoEd Balduf • John Griffith CORD: Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter HakugyokuAli Al-Shabibi • Larry Peterson Motoring Ahead: OpenStack in the BMW Group's Enterprise Environment MatsubaAndreas Pöschl App Ecosystem Working Group Sakura N-1 and N-2

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Whirlwind intro to Crowbar – Open Source provisioning framework WakakshibaNanuk Daniel Krinner • Adam Spiers Inserting Advanced Network Security in OpenStack Clouds KougyokuPino de Candia • Jacob Sendowski Ansible Collaboration Day: The Code Road Sakura S-1 and S-2Robyn Bergeron It Takes a Community: Interoperable Networking In OpenStack via DefCore SeigyokuRussell Bryant • Kyle Mestery • Mark Voelker Dude, This Isn't Where I Parked My Instance!? OgyokuSteve Gordon Beginners Guide to Containers Technology and How it Actually Works KyokkoJames Bottomley 雲泥の差 'The Separation Between Clouds and Mud' - Operating OpenStack Private Clouds OuteiSteve Ribble • Bryan Thompson How Yahoo! Uses Neutron for Ironic HokushinJames Penick Implementing Regions/Federation for Your Cloud - Why Would You Do Either/Both and How? AobaAndy McCrae • Jesse Pretorius Sahara+Storm: Real-time Data Analytics in Openstack WakabaAndrey Brito • Michael McCune • Telles Nobrega Canonical- Migrating from VMware to OpenStack Heian (New Takanawa)Aqeel Asim • Marcin Kierdelewicz Monitoring Swift With Elastic Search GyokoMartin Lanner Gohan: An Open-source Service Development Engine for SDN/NFV Orchestration HakugyokuIchiro Fukuda • Yudai Iwasaki • Nachi Ueno Running LBaaS at Scale for Multiple Virtual Private Clouds in PayPal MatsubaPrabhakhar Kaliyamurthy • Maharajan Nachiappan • Anand Palanisamy • Bharath Venkatakrishnan Product Working Group Sakura N-1 and N-2 RSVP Required: Heat, Cloud-init & Cloud-config: OpenStack Orchestration Deep Dive, Hands-On LabLIMITED ZuikoSyed Armani • Florian Haas

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