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Jeremy Eder

Red Hat, Inc.
Distinguished Engineer
Raleigh, NC, USA
Jeremy Eder
Distinguished Engineer, Red Hat Service Delivery
Currently: OpenShift SaaS Architect
Past: Performance, Scale, Hardware Accelerators, R&D

As of April 2019 I have moved into Red Hat's Service Delivery organization, after 7+ years in performance engineering. Service Delivery builds Red Hat's managed service muscle, and is meant to operationalize the vision of OpenShift as a hybrid cloud substrate through building and operating services like OpenShift Dedicated, cloud.redhat.com, and Azure Red Hat OpenShift.

In the past, I specialized in measurement and analysis of performance metrics, and using that analysis to guide performance-tuning of real-world infrastructure.

Over a decade of experience in the financial services space, focusing on extreme low latency architecture design, tuning and jitter analysis. Jeremy is the author of Low Latency Performance Tuning for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and 7.