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Scott Coplin

Principal Architect
Scott is currently a Principal Architect at CAS and has a bachelor’s degree in Computer and Information Science from The Ohio State University. He began his career at CAS as an intern in the spring of 2000 and joined full-time shortly after graduation in December the same year. He has 19 years of experience in building scientific search and retrieval applications. His contributions include technical leadership of the transition of SciFinder to the web, architecture for STN AnaVist and SciFinder-n, and co-invention of the graph search engine technology that powers SciFinder-n, MethodsNow, Formulus, NewSTN, and other CAS products and services. He has expertise in text-based search and retrieval, Hadoop and Spark-based big data processing, cloud-native architecture, and distributed, high-performance computing with Java technologies.​

He currently lives in Columbus, OH with his wife and two children.