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Jincheol Kim

SK Telecom
Ph. D. Principal Research Scientist
Dr. Jincheol Kim is a principal research scientist working for SK Telecom currently. He is currently leading the T-RON Operating System (T-ROS) project as the chief software architect and founded the T-ROS project from early stages of the SKT’s Software-Defined Data Center project. He is actively pursuing research and development of the foundation technologies for carrier-grade NFV technologies and reliable datacenter infrastructure technologies for NFV. He thinks that OpenStack plays a core engine of the SKT's SDDC and SK Telecom's NFV infrastructure and has been trying to help people adopt and utilize the OpenStack technologies and to spread OpenStack into Korean Telco and cloud computing market.
Dr. Kim has been using OpenStack since OpenStack Cactus, and has performed several cloud computing and big data projects using OpenStack successfully. The projects Dr. Kim has performed are, just named a few:
The T-RON Operating System project: Aiming at realizing the operating system-like system software suite for automated, autonomous management of datacenter-scale resource with OpenStack. T-ROS is the core platform of the SKT’s Software-Defined Data Center. (with OpenStack Icehouse and Kilo)
The MultiVirse project (the integrated cloud management platform): This project is the predecessor of the T-ROS which tried to implement an integrated cloud service and infrastructure management for SK Telecom’s public and private cloud services with open source technologies and OpenStack. (with OpenStack Havana)
The Big Data Infra Platform: An RnD project to develop one-click all-in-one platform to provide the AWS Big Data product-like services (such as Amazon Elastic MapReduce, the Amazon S3, the Amazon SimpleDB, the Amazon DynamoDB, etc.) in enterprise private clouds for enterprise customers. (with OpenStack Essex)
Hadoop Accelerator: An RnD project to research and develop a plugin-like software component to accelerate the performance of Hadoop MapReduce with Infiniband RDMA and disk I/O streaming in cloud computing environment (with OpenStack Essex and Hadoop 1.2)
He is also working as a data scientist recently much interested in making datacenter operation automated, autonomous, and efficiently optimized and enhanced through operation data analytics and advanced controls using machine learning. He is trying to envision and realize his vision of autonomous, automated datacenter operation using advanced analytics of operation data and OpenStack technologies with his unique experiences as an experimental and computational physicist in CERN for the LHC Computing Grid and the CMS On-line Data Acquisition and Processing system.
He believes in that we can transform our datacenter to an autonomous Warehouse-Scale Computer like the Transcendence (https://goo.gl/BKdU5a) supercomputer with advanced operation analytics and OpenStack. Would you like to join him?