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Baohua Yang

Research Scientist
Baohua Yang's interests mainly include cloud computing, system and networking, analytics and optimization, especially on emerging technologies (e.g., SDN, NFV, BigData, container and IoT). He has submitted nearly 10 patents in those key technical areas.

He has lead the architecture design and system deployment of several cloud computing and enterprise projects, and designed and implemented innovative features for flagship productions.

As an active contributor, he has submitted code, proposals, and presentations to many Open-Source projects, e.g., OpenStack (Neutron and Magnum), OpenvSwitch, Docker, OpenDaylight, Mesos, Kubernetes, and has lead several Open-Source projects including easyOVS and tripled.

He has published several articles in top-quality international conference and journals (e.g., IEEE INFOCOM, IEEE Trans on Computers), and several technical books. He is currently the TPC member/reviewer of numbers of conferences and journals.