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Cathy Zhang

Principal Architect
santa clara
Cathy has over 15 years of software design and development experience. She is currently a chief architect at Huawei’s USA Cloud Computing Lab. Her expertise includes Serverless Cloud Platform, Network Service and Virtualization, SDN, OpenStack, etc.. She is a key member of the Serverless Work Group and a key contributor to the CNCF Serverless Whitepaper and CloudEvents specification. She has worked in open source community since 2015. She was the lead of the OpenStack Service Chaining Project and the OPNFV VNF Forwarding Graph project. Cathy has been guest speakers in various international conferences and summits (OpenStack, OSCON, OPNFV, ONF etc.). Cathy holds many US patents and has a Ph.D. degree in Computer Engineering.

Cathy 拥有逾 15 年的软件设计和开发经验。她现在是华为在美国云计算数据中心的首席架构师。她是 Serverless 云平台、网路服务和虚拟化、SDN、OpenStack 等领域的专家。她是 Serverless 工作组的关键成员, CNCF Serverless Whitepaper 和 CloudEvents specification 的关键贡献者。从 2015 年开始,她已经为开源社区服务。她曾是 OpenStack Service Chaining 项目和 OPNFV VNF Forwarding Graph 项目的带头人。Cathy 曾是多个国际大会和峰会(OpenStack、OSCON、OPNFV、ONF 等等)的嘉宾演讲者。Cathy 拥有多项美国专利和计算机工程博士学位。