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Kim Hindart

City Network Hosting AB
Chief Security Officer
Stockholm, Sweden
Huge Open Source fan boy and developer with a background in mobility and especially Symbian and Android. I am a really geeky dude that was forced to handle security and compliance so the only coding I do is on my spare time. Luckily that's also what I like to do in my spre time, work. But real work and not just a lot of complinace and regulations but something that is acctually for the betterment of mankind.

Unfortunately I happen to bee good at security, especially social engineering, and now I am stuck. But I am happy to share my knowledge and experience in making things both secure and compliant. And no they are not alwas the same thing.

Compliance is solved through the cloud. Epecially smarter clouds. OpenStack is the key to this. OpenStack is 42 to compliance. One stack to forever in the darkness bind them.