Nachi Ueno

Distinguished Engineer, Juniper Networks
Nachi Ueno is a Distinguished Engineer at Juniper Networks and is leading key OpenStack/cloud deployments and OpenContrail development efforts.  Nachi has been an active contributor to the OpenStack community since 2010.  He was one of the OpenStack Neutron Core Developers, where he led the VPN as a Service project in the Neutron community and contributed to the IPv6 Security Group.  He also worked on areas outside of Neutron, including Nova and Horizon, and helped start the OpenStack QA team. Prior to joining Juniper as member of the Contrail team, Nachi worked at NTT developing emerging cloud technologies and was an active contributor to OpenContrail open source community. He is one of starting member of TryStack project which is sandbox for OpenStack. He is also one of active contributor of OpenContrail project. Awarded as a "Super Creator",IPA Exploratory Software Project 2004.