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Xiaogang Xin

Cloud Engineering Manager 云工程师经理
Shanghai City, China
Xiaogang Xin is the manager of eBay Cloud team. He has worked in infrastructure cloud area for many years, with deep understanding of Kubernetes and its enterprise-level transformation.
He is currently responsible for large scale Kubernetes cluster DevOps at eBay which host complex applications, various from stateless to search engine, big data and geo-distributed database.
He has spoken many times at KubeCon and other conferences and meetups.

Xiaogang Xin 是亿贝(eBay)云团队经理。他从事架构云领域的工作已有多年时间,对 Kubernetes 和企业级改革有着深入了解。
他目前在亿贝(eBay)负责大规模 Kubernetes 集群开发运维工作,从无状态应用到搜素引擎,再到大数据和跨地域分布式数据库,运行各类复杂的应用程序。
他已在 KubeCon 大会等其他会议和活动中进行多次演讲。